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Put all your music on random play and write down the first 10 you hear...

Look up each artist on google image search and paste a pic here...

And theeeeeeeen, you lovely people have to guess what the bands are!
(and no cheating by looking at the pic properties!)










I love this new livejournal theme, pretty.

Star had kittens. I found her in the back of my closet with four little kitties. All doing well, i was scared something was going to go wrong. She's happy and puring as usual.

I'm not moving. I took a panic attack at my new place cause there were too many people, i need to live alone. But i already gave my months notice, and i have my stuff packed up and half moved. So i think i'll take the opportunity to find a bigger place, cause this bachelor apartment is way too small for me a cat, bird and now four kittens.

I just feel bad, cause my dad is moving me again, i feel so guilty.
I have not slept all night, and i went for a run this morning...now i have work.

I will most likely sleep like a log tonight i'm hoping. I'll be dead by the end of my shift.
Shit, how can i stop.

I love it,

makes me feel real

makes the world real,

everything is beautiful,

makes since.
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I am so fucking angry. So angry i don't know what to do with myself i hit things and cried and freaked. I fucking hate people fuck i can't even express this hate here. Some dumb fuck has the god damn nerve to come up to me at work and ask how long the mayo has been there cause "he never saw mayo so empty" ok, so that is fine, he wants to know. But i tell him (and note the mayo is kept in a cooler) it's only been there for an hour or so, he demands to know exactly. Yeah cause i know when the last time i filled them up was. I told him that the mayo is filled up all the time. And he argues that it can't be cause they are all so empty. I looked the fucker straight in the eye sending all my "drop dead hate vibes" and tried to explain to him that he doesn't realize how busy this place is, we haven't stoped serving people since 11 in the moring, and the mayo runs out much faster than you would think. So he sarcasticly says "oh so this is the busiest subway in the maritimes" and IT IS YOU FUCKER, i told him it was and he snorted rolled his eyes and mumbled some shit and left. FUCKER, fuck you. I hate you so god damn much, i want to kill you. I can see myself beating your head in with a blunt object or stabing you in the the chest repeaditly. Or better yet just beating the fuck out of you myself. I wouldn't cause of laws, seems the only person i can hurt when i have this much anger inside is myself. If anyone knows this fucker i would like you to kick him in the throat. You asked me a question, i aswered, why do you have to continue to try and demine me infront of everyone. I hate dicks like this who take advantage of the fact we are working and can't defend ourselves and have to take it. I hate you. I feel like my chest is going to explode with anger. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU! DICK FUCK, MOTHER FUCK DICK FUCK, GO WITHER IN HELL, DIE A HORIBLE EXCRUTIATION DEATH YOU LOW LIFE BOTTOM DWELLING SCUM!
Ok, i'm fine...it's all fine. I get down, i get happy...it's just i usually don't write about being happy cause that has to do about haning out or being with people and i don't like mentioning others in blogs. So yeah, thanks for the concern and replies. It was true, i was feeling like that, but it doesn't stick, i'm always fine later. Though i do admit i have to stop binge drinking, that is a problem. I black out too much and can't stop once i start...i can fix it though.
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Ok, so how things have been going...

well the usual, anxiety, paranoia, sadness...but whatever, i'm making a consious decision to try and be socail and active, though it usually just makes me more depressed cause i feel unable to connect with people or enjoy things like i used to. I'm going to be going to therapy again with my old councelor Donna Clark.

That aside.

I got a new kitty. My manager's son, Todd (cutest little guy, who i am too much like and have too much in common with for him being 14.) got her for me. She is young, but not a kitten which is good, i don't wanna deal with a kitten. She is all black except for a little white patch on her chest. I finally settled on a name. Ailinn, the Goddess of affection and love, because she is so friendly and affectionate. Last night i rolled over and found her snuggling against my back.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COURTNEY!!!! (in two hours anyway)

My place is such a mess cause i've had no time to myself. Working 5 to 6 days a week, 9 hours a day, and sleeping 10 hours leaves little for doing anything.

Spring is almost here, i'm so happy for that, i can't wait.

I have been having very real and weird dreams and sleeps, i don't know what is real life and dream anymore. Last night's was scarry, some woman was chasing me and i couldn't hide from her, and no one would help and she kept stabbing me with knives. Oh and, lol, i also dreamed i met Ville Valo from HIM, weird cause it's not like i've been listening to HIM or thinking about them. Until today cause i dreamed about him last night.