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I love my kittens so much, i talk about them too much really. Star is fine now, she has awful mood swings. Lilth and Armand slept with me last night. Oh they are so cute, i wanna squeeze and squeeze them.
hi, i don't know if you got my last reply...and i am bored at the moment and am avoiding all that i should be doing...

i don't know what you are thinking of doing the weekend of the 21-23 but i don' t know if i want to go to shoreline. we should just have a smaller gathering on the beach (some beach there are many). that would be just as fun i think. we could bike to the beach! but let me know what you were thinking and what you would like to do....

it is thundering big noises outside and is letting nice "storm" breezes into my house!

plus we are looking for a roomate for the end of summer (now) and fall if you or laura or anyone are doing anything you should move in!! (i know that is not really a possibility, just saying!). you could be my sanity (i need it...)
this is alanna, not my roomate beth