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work fucking sucked. i love how they make us do everything, we can't do everything! I hate the new manager i wanna hit him, the only person i hate more is Andrew. Oh and the fuck head who robbed the store, i hope they fucking get it. That could have been me. If it had been i know i would have not been able to go on. I am scared enough of people, it would have ruined me. I hope Matt is ok, i was sick to my stomach, it was awful.
Matt ,... Jennys Matt??????

Where is Jenny... whats the new manager?
no another one

and jennie is going to the new store
ugh i hope he was alright. what a shitty thing... who robs a subway? although i don't know exactly how much money there is in the store.. still.

i hope yr dealing okay too. <3 call sometime if you want to hang out.