Starting reading the book Rat King by James Clavell. I'm loving it, i'm only two chapters into it and i'm amazed, i love this King guy.

I watched The Exorcist III. Loved it. I must watch it again though. I think it's going to be like the original Exorcist - i watched it over and over again, it played permently on the tv for like a week.

Everything is quite well at the moment because i have two days off to relax and unwind. I slept 3pm to 8pm then 9pm to 2am saturday, then fell asleep again until 9am on sunday morning. Then i slept from 5pm to 6am last night. All caught up on the sleep now.

My kittens are the greatest things in the world. They are like my little clan. They follow me everywhere. I'm really loving Armand. He is always off on his own away from the others. He cuddled with me when i watched the Exorsist III and now is curled up on my blankie. I swear you can communicate with Star without words. I just look at her and she comes. I never liked cats much, they were just around, but these ones i just love, they are my family. Crazy cat lady i am destined to be.

I got Robyn out, she is fucked, and it's her fault, i just helped. I'm getting my money back from my old landlord, stupid twat thought she could keep my money. Someone is stealing my newspaper in the morning, i'll have to take care of that. And then there is the thing with the new mangaer, i don't know what angle i'm going to deal with this yet, but i'll deal with it in someway.