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I feel so horrible, i feel like absolute shit. i want to crawl into the ground curl up and never bother anyone again. My dad ended up moving all my stuff. I feel so awful beyond explanation. I am a burden and i just bother everybody. Why do so many people have to do things for me, why can't i just move and let it just be that easy. My dad had to move me, and i'm not done yet. Laura and Courtney helped. My old landlord is going to my work tomorow to pick up my keys. The new landlord had to call me. Someone has to come hook up my cable and internet. I had to move may cat and kittens and bird. I trouble everyone. I just want it everyone to go away, i don't want to be trouble. I can't calm down, i just feel so low, i don't know what to do. I can't get rid of the guilty feeling in my gut. I hate this, i hate this so much.
whats your phone number