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I am so stressed about moving. There is so many things i have to do at a certain time or by this time or that. Simple things that don't bother other people but make me so anxious and nervous and that upsets me more cause i should be able to do it easly. And i can't do it alone so i have to ask someone to help me which makes me feel worse cause i don't want to bother anyone.

I'm a wreak at work, i can't focus and keep walking away with things half done, or i put somehting in the wrong place and notice half way though what i'm doing, it's like i just zone out and function without thoughts. I keep forgetting words and most of my sentinces sound like "put that..ummm...ummm..you know...that, oh yeah box over on the *long pause* shelf".

I got my electricity and cable taken care of today, but my nervous are shot. I'm shaky and my heart is pounding. But it's over with, it almost all over with, but i'm going to be completely unreasonable the next few days. I'm snapping and getting pissed off at everyone around me.

i am also moving today! and while my nerves are not shot (i have been numbed for the past few weeks/months) there are many boxes all around me and i a lot of my stuff is still intergrated with my roomates, those leaving with me and those staying put. this means i am going to be at a loss of stuff. but if i can't think of what it is, then i don't really need it!

i am planning to come over sometime when it is hot to see you place and your cat. i am going when it is hot for two reasons, if it is hot on the island then it is going to be stupid hot in fredericton and if it is hot on the island then that means that i can go to the beach! woot!

i also might be getting a dog/cat at some point when i have stable funds coming in. i just started volunteering (although i missed my first day today because i slept in) at the spca. so many animals and i want them all to come home with me. poo.

hopefully moving goes smoothly. my theory is to never be sober while moving because i hate it with a firey passion. tonight is my first night going against my philosophy.